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Pills of Future 2013

Villa Foscarini Rossi - Venice

We were invited to a beautiful villa in Venice, where we talked about our approach to innovation and to the communication – and events – business. We were very glad to be part of such a fresh format, where the audience was active and very alive!


ISE 2013 Amsterdam - Future is transparent

Integrated Systems Europe - Transparent TV protagonists!

This year we came round the biggest fair dedicated to new techs for visual communication, in Amsterdam. Many news and an "old" friend: transparent TVs, the absolute protagonists...


An augmented reality lunch!

A dedicated teaser for the food industry..

It's nice to blend lunch break with work! A short demo that show the potentials of augmented reality, the quality it can reach with 3D graphics, and its flexibility!

Latest Projects


Projection Mapping Venaria Reale - Cassa Centrale

3D Mapping Show - La Reggia di Diana

Venaria Reale, in Turin, is considered one of the most beautiful locations in Italy and worldwide, being UNESCO's World Heritage. A 3D mapping show created for an ambassador of Italian excellence all over the world.


Projection Mapping Basilica Palladiana - Start Up Festival

Mapping and Live Mapping in the historical heart of Vicenza

We created a videomapping show and a live 3D mapping for the most important building of this beautiful city and it has been a memorable challenge. A special thank to the whole Start Up team!


An augmented reality interactive table for Cityscape, Jeddah - Sumou

The Saudi Arabia calling

Seeing a huge non-existent city in the middle of a table through an iPad is not something that you see every day.