PANORAMA – A 360º immersive video to celebrate Italian beauties


Client: Altagamma Foundation
Technology: 360º immersive video using Drones
Location: Gae Aulenti Square (Milan)

Tag: Panorama, Expo 2015, 360º immersive video


The Realization of Panorama was surely a unique and exciting experience for us. From the concept development with Davide Rampello to the adventure across Italy to capture it’s natural, architectonic and historical beauties. We work hard in order to show for the first time these wonders with a 360° projection on a circular widescreen.


Commissioned by Altagamma Foundation, with the sponsorship of Expo 2015, Panorama is an immersive 360° immersive video installation with the power to engage the viewers into a futuristic journey through the magnificence of Italy and the greatest masterpieces of its culture and art.


Thanks to the circular widescreen 13 ft. high and 66 ft. in diameter and thanks to the original 360° aerial footage made with drones, the viewer can become the protagonist of this fantastic journey, its wonderful images and breath-taking panoramas.

Gae Aulenti Square now is the new core of Milan. Thanks to Panorama, the square becomes a “Room of Wonders” which represent the leitmotif of Expo 2015: “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” with a futuristic perspective, showing how Arts can be “food” for everyone soul.

You can visit Panorama in Milan until October 31, 2015, and it’s totally free. We’re waiting for you!

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Concept and Direction: Davide Rampello
360° Video Shooting Director, Editing:
 Andre Guidot

Executive Production :
 Alberto Gentilin, Mick Odelli 

360° Video Shooting, Data manager: Lorenzo Beccaro
Film Crew Director: Giuseppe Carrieri
Film Crew’s Photography : Giancarlo Migliore, Nicola Baraglia
Drone Pilot: Luca Gasparella
Art Director Post Prod.: Luigi Dalla Riva Motion
Graphics: Rudy Bertazzo, Francesco Colosio
3D Artists: Nello Fontani
Soundtracks: Alessandro Linzitto
Production Coordinators: Caterina Massuras, Gianluca Zonta
Pavilion Design:
 Studio Cerri


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