Tempo Party: 360º Mapping Projection & Teca


Client: Tempo (SCA Group)
Event: Launching event of the new Tempo Box
Technology: 360º mapping projection over 3D sculpture & Teca
Location: Cristalleria Livellara – Milan
Tag: 360° projection mapping, Tempo, Tempo Box, SCA Group, Skin, party, immersive video mapping, mapping projection, immersive video mapping 360°, projection mapping 360°, monumental videomapping, interactive videomapping,micromapping, Teca.


We have worked together with Tempo’s team on the presentation of the brand new Tempo Box, in order to turn it into an unforgettable event, with a special guest: Skin, the lead singer of the british Skunk Anansie.


We have created a 360º projection over the sides of Monalita (a 3D sculpture made of simple materials, conceived by ourselves), in the evocative Milanese “corner” of the renewed Cristalleria Livellara. The projection was meant to tell the values, the people and the peculiarities behind the success of this brand and the new Tempo Box.


Furthermore, we have presented GDO the “exhibitor” of the future: Teca (the innovative tech “exhibitor”, patented by our spin-off Senso, allowing objects to change its “skin” and finishings, telling its own story through a dynamical video projection system).


If you’re curious about Teca, you can take a look and find more about it at www.tecaimmersive.com!

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