Immersive Food Experience


Client: Radici Group
Event: Company’s 25th birthday event
Technology: emotional videomapping over tables and screens
Location: Palazzo del Ghiaccio – Milan
Tag: projection mapping , immersive video mapping, videomapping over tables, projection mapping 360°, corporate meeting, corporate Videomapping , 3D mapping projection proiezione,  corporative event, Radici Group, Palazzo del ghiaccio


Radici Group, international leader company on the chemical sector, plastic materials, synthetic fibers and nonwoven, chose us to amaze and fascinate their 400 guests on the company’s 25th years celebration.


We gave life to an amazing and impressive show at the beautiful Palazzo di Ghiaccio in Milan, using more than 400 meters of aluminum, 14 HD projectors, 40 km of cables and a team of more than 40 specialized technicians.


As we’re always looking forward to make our client’s dreams come true, we worked on 2 different levels at the same time in order to make this occasion even more special. We worked on a corporate video meant to tell the company’s story, activity and misson, and we worked also on the creation of digital contents able to interact with visitors, during the broadcast of the trailers for the performance of the sand artist Silvia Emme.


However the real wow effect, in which its spectacular component has reached its peak, is represented by the multiple mapping projections on 12 dinner tables, that were prepared for the gala dinner.



Graphic and emotional contents took turns “sur le tables” on a concert made of visual and special effects, showing the vision and ethics of Radici Group, as well as the enthusiasm of the people who work everyday with passion, in order to make Radici Group grow in Italy and worldwide.


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