Art and fashion wed environmental issues

ELLE Decore - 15 June 2019

ELLE Decore


The great masters of photography and architecture are revealed through new and unique projects while artist performances invite you to poetic immersive experiences.


Fashion is increasingly becoming “storytelling” as well as respect to environmental awareness. So, during men’s Fashion Week, WSM White Street Milano, the vibrant marketplace of events and appointments located at Superstudio Più in Via Tortona, will present an installation of strong emotional impact to stimulate responsibility towards the planet and its preservation. “Get in Sync Water”, curated by DrawLight is an immersive space that utilizes the technologies of light-mapping, sounds, images, creativity and science to transport the visitor to the depths of the ocean, to live an emotional experience and raise awareness of change. In fact, the sea is considered a source of development of new textile fibers, of sustainable experiences in the ‘fashion planet’ that have respect for resources of water, in perfect harmony with the idea of ​​GIVE A FOK-us Water, the sustainable hub with the artistic direction of Matteo Ward, who had influenced the creation of the installation.


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