A bath of real emotions in a virtual lagoon

LaRepubblica Design - 16 June 2019

LaRepubblica Design


The first sensory swimming pool in Europe opens.

A new example of digital spaces that know how to arouse more intense sensations of reality.

The first sensory pool in Europe, the Plaza Sensory Pool, designed for the Hotel Plaza in Abano Terme by the Italian collective Drawlight, founded by Mick Odelli. “To prepare people for an emotional transformation,” he explains, describing a mix of projections aimed at individual relaxation. The idea is to amplify an experience by creating video environments that blend together neuroscience, storytelling and sensory branding. “Even with fitness, the market is moving in this direction with large monitors in front of exercise bikes or treadmills. But it is much more interesting to work with the peripheral vision: an entire room that transforms in front of our eyes is a much more realistic condition than a monitor”.

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