The ocean is not a landfill; the immersive installation to activate change - 17 June 2019


It’s called Get in Sync Water, the immersive immersion for stimulating awareness and activating change towards environmental sustainability.

It’s located in the heart of the Tortona Fashion District, where, during the Milano Moda Uomo fashion shows, the WSM opened from June 5 to 17; an exciting marketplace where, among happenings and events, more than 15,000 appearances are planned.

In its process of directing the future of the fashion system towards innovative scenarios that include new lifestyles and consumption, WSM has chosen DrawLight to create an immersive experience that can transmit strong emotions and generate awareness towards green issues. Mick Odelli, Founder of DrawLight, emphasized: “Through emotional experiences, we can activate a greater awareness of ourselves, of others, of the environment and of safeguarding our planet”.


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