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“The architecture of emotions” according to Mick Odelli

Saturday, May 18 at “TEDxPescara: ESSERE UMANO”, the speech of the founder of DrawLight, which blends together neuroscience, storytelling and sensory branding. Mick Odelli is a designer of experience and founder of DrawLight, the immersive studio that aims to excite people, stimulating greater self-awareness through art, technology, creativity, and science. […] How to become experience…


The new frontier of sensory branding

Neuroscientific guidelines are of enormous support when it comes to “sensory branding.” Users are always at the center. It’s their journey that counts. How are interactive technologies evolving for brands? Between interaction design and sensory branding, we asked Mick Odelli, founder of DrawLight. […] «Each of our projects is a “special project” which tends to…


Milano fashion week 2019: Sustanibility meets talent

Events, installations, and new collections: Milan fashion week viewed through green lens. If sustainability especially in the form of militant activism was the venue during London Fashion Week – with the tip of the iceberg represented by Vivienne Westwood’s “political” fashion show – in Milan, green had taken the shape of innovation starting with The…

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