The scenic evolution of fashion shows

  • Cliente: Miroglio Group
  • Evento: Store Manager Meeting Miroglio
  • Location: Miroglio Group

Lumens immersive fashion show is an innovative project we designed for the Miroglio Group in order to make its four brands unforgettable and unique during the four days of SMM: Fiorella Rubino, Oltre, Motivi and Elena Mirò.

A new way of living and conceiving fashion shows.

Thanks to the close collaboration with the Miroglio Team, we were able to blend together art, science, and fashion in a scenic digital installation specifically designed for one of the key moments of a fashion brand: the fashion show.

From the walk-in of guests to the ever-increasing institutional presentations of speakers to the fashion show itself, we have designed a versatile and functional immersive set-up for the various moments of the days of presentation. A dynamic scenography with diverse scenarios and environments capable of personalizing every moment and give an identity to every single fashion show.

Transforming a fashion show into an immersive fashion show makes it possible to involve guests more and excite them. A brand is a set of mental associations: the more positive memories linked with a brand are created, the more likely it will be remembered and chosen after.

Since a fashion show is an event that is contained over time, it would be outstanding to have the spectators moved at an emotional level, maintaining both visual and musical breathtaking rhythms, and playing on the surprise effect. The surprise is a state of alert and activation from the appearance of something that the cognitive system did not expect: the best artistic experiences are those that manage to have a degree of predictability that can surprise without bringing fear.

To excite people and have them sync with a brand and its different collections, we have created eight different scenarios (two different ones for each brand) in which light design and audiovisual content surround and interact with the catwalk models in an ever-evolving and highly immersive atmosphere.

For the preparation of this immersive fashion show, we had chosen semi-transparent sheets capable of capturing an image projected from the inside of a cube and then liberating it outward on the stage until it expands beyond the physical limit of the cube and metaphorically reaches the audience.

Like a portal, which projects inspiration of the collections into the world from time to time, Lumens applies the concept of Sensory Branding to create a completely new perspective in order to transform a fashion show into a unique and innovative experience.

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