TEDx Pescara, human being among the algorithms of the present

LITHIUM 48 - 20 May 2019



From the reuse of plastic to safeguard the environment to the concept of inclusion, from digital processes generating fake news to the concept of innovation: ranging from sustainability to the phenomenon of haters to food writing; the participation of the speakers of TEDx Pescara, guests of the Flaiano Auditorium.


On the stage, Matteo Piuri, Digital & Customer Experience Director-Business Development @Nexi; Roberto Santori, CEO Challenge Network and president of Unindustria consulting and training; Martina Fuga, Diversity advocate; Ethical hacker Denis ‘Jaromil’ Roio; writer and activist Stella Pulpo; the face of Cucinosano con la coda Rossana Dian; Mick Odelli, storyteller, digital Artist, immersive emotional/sensorial Environment designer; Laura Fedeli, training coordinator; Giovanni Angelucci, food and wine journalist & Food Blogger; Francesco Puzello, Additive Manufacturing specialist, R&D Department of 3D4Growth, Gualtiero Fisauli, Artist & Film maker and the performances of Pop Harps and Erika Abelardo.



During his speech, Mike Odelli interacted with the audience, explaining how to guide and direct emotions, leaning towards positive factors. He explained, “The point is we are human beings and sometimes we forget about it. We bring forth technologies, innovation, and we project ourselves into the future. And the only thing we forget on the way is our awareness. The largest universe to explore is close by, and each of us has one. The body and mind are inextricably linked. We are a system made up of physical sensations, chemistry, perceptions, and emotions. Science helps us, but we are perfectly able to experience it, in all its facets. So, let’s not always wait for someone to tell us what we’re made up of. Let’s find out by living new experiences and exploring each other”.

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