Adaptive Storytelling with #sappiamocosaprovi arrives at TEDxVicenza Vis-a-vision

  • Evento: TEDxVicenza Vis-a-Vision
  • Tecnologia: Installation with Biometric AI
  • Location: Teatro Comunale - Vicenza

In this third edition of TEDxVicenza Vis-a-vision, several of the minds, ideas and philosophies of new global thinking have come together for a work in progress of genial, revolutionary and visionary models.
For the occasion, DrawLight presented its newest and biggest challenge: Adaptive Storytelling.

In the first edition of TEDxVicenza Planting the seeds, during Mick Odelli’s speech (which you can view below) he had planted a seed. An idea. A vision of the future to be taken to the present.

These basic principles related to a theme, a concept, a story to tell, gave life to Immersive Storytelling.
Now imagine being able to take this experience of Immersive Storytelling and making it interactive and participative, all through biomarketing. Biometrics of emotions, intelligent installations, Emotional AI.

Through a special facial recognition software that is able to interpret different facial expressions, we had created an installation where viewers at TEDxVicenza Vis-a-Vision actually became the protagonists.

Vis-à-vis” with images and video footage realized to stimulate a precise emotion in them (ex. happiness, anger, disgust, etc.), the tedxers were “scanned” by a special software that captured and collected their reactions and transformed them into big data, without invading their privacy in any way. Data that was then uploaded and published on the TEDxVicenza website on a page entirely dedicated to the #sappiamocosaprovi project and interpreted by Mick Odelli, a surprise for the second time on the TEDxVicenza stage as a past speaker.

Audiovisual installations that stimulate emotions, read and interpret a viewer’s reactions and transform them accordingly.
And here’s the evolution: from Immersive Storytelling to Adaptive Storytelling.

A new journey has begun for the DrawLight team, a new innovative project that the participants of TEDxVicenza helped to create!


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