Video Mapping

With Video Mapping, dynamic audiovisual content (2D and 3D) are projected and made to interact with three-dimensional surfaces. From industrial/historical buildings (monumental projections) to cars (car mapping) to even a small handbag or wristwatch (micro mapping), video mapping gives life to very engaging immersive shows that are able to seduce the audience as well as communicate a message, a product, a history.

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360° Immersive Video Mapping

The 360° Immersive Video Mapping combines the traditional techniques of projections in a space designed to immerse the viewer into a brand, a product, a history. By engaging circular, semi-spherical and cubic projective surfaces, the viewer is immersed in an experience that leaves the senses a powerful impact.

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Virtual reality

Virtual Reality is a technology used to simulate an environment, experience or a real situation. Hardware and software “work together” to create a virtual space in which the user feels completely immersed.
Through virtual reality, a user is transported into three-dimensional virtual environments, perceived by the senses as real, and live out fully immersive and interactive experiences in parallel worlds.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a state of the art web-based application that displays the overlapping of real and virtual elements (dynamic audiovisual content, 3D animations, videos) in real time.Through special markers and a device that supports augmented reality, you can live out an innovative experience where virtual details are “added” to a real image that complete it and allow it to provide more information.

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Transparent Display

Transparent  Display allow for the transmitting of dynamic visual content, usually transmitted through a traditional monitor, in an original and innovative way. Often linked to the front part of boxes and display cabinets for describing a product in an innovative way, the transparent screens can be integrated with touchless or multi-touch technologies.

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3D Video Production

3D Video Production is the starting point where immersive experiences come to life. It represents the foundation needed to create dynamic audiovisual content. In particular, to create greater immersivity, 360° video shots are applied via equipment and special dedicated cameras so as to obtain a spherical effect. The footage can then be integrated by special visual and graphic effects in motion graphics.

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For every action, there is a reaction: this means interactivity. We celebrate this basic law by potentially applying it to all our immersive installations. Through special sensors, a video mapping or virtual reality experience can become interactive and extremely addictive. Touch, move, and explore: it changes the world that surrounds you.

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A Hologram can take a previously recorded three-dimensional image and reproduce it with remarkable precision. Thanks to a game of mirrors, a light that comes from a source interposes with the light reflected from the object creating a three dimensional image.

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Artificial Intelligence

Through the use of artificial intelligence we can design and develop innovative immersive installations and content capable of responding to new communication and interaction needs.


Through metaverse world we can design and develop innovative immersive experience and content capable of responding to new communication and interaction needs.

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