Lavazza Espressoland – Game Experience

Enter Espressoland and learn the rules to the Perfect Italian Espresso

  • Cliente: Lavazza & Louder Italia
  • Evento: Nitto ATP Final 2023
  • Tecnologia: Web Game
  • Location: Pala Alpitour - Torino

We all know that through playing we learn much faster and with more motivation!

That’s why, in collaboration with the Louder Italy team, we developed our first gaming experience for Lavazza Espressoland during the 2022 ATP Finals.

Lavazza Espressoland ATP Final web game

A game path with prizes based on the Perfect Espresso rules that saw thousands of tennis fans and CoffeLovers participants compete against each other! Thanks to Espressoland, not only does Lavazza enter the world of the Metaverse, but above all it proposes a value experience at a new level of engagement while conveying the values behind an Italian product envied worldwide.

Lavazza Espressoland ATP Final web game


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Check out Espressoland


Special thanks to all the crew!

Alberto Gentilin (project leader)

Davide Briganti (accountant)

Amir Baldisserra (app development)

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