Opera Building – Prospective Cube

Power of Prospective Storytellig

  • Cliente: Magnetti Building / Multi Consulting
  • Evento: Fuorisalone 2022
  • Tecnologia: Ledwall - Prospective Illusions
  • Location: Superstudio Più - Via Tortona 27, Milano

For Magnetti Building – a historic Bergamo-based company that recently became part of the Grigolin Group – we conceived a cutting-edge installation to narrate one of its most significant projects: the restoration work on the facades of the Donizetti Theater in Bergamo.

Magnetti Building Fuorisalone Milano Opera Building

“It all starts with an idea and a white space, a first stroke and then a thousand intersections, infinite colors. When you change your point of view, the project takes shape and the world takes on depth”.

Through a state-of-the-art immersive installation, Magnetti Building wants to offer a totalizing experience, with the work taking shape and materiality in the space and, at the same time, the material overcoming its own sense and contributing meaning.

Magnetti Building Fuorisalone Milano Opera Building Magnetti Building Fuorisalone Milano Opera Building

Our goal is to convey design by representing a design space and positioning the viewer inside it.

The installation takes on representative value: the white walls are the blank canvas upon which the lines are drawn and from which the first volumes that shape the project emerge.

The “real” blurs with the digital, creating a perspective space when the lines enter the back led wall, where the development of the project is shown. This is accompanied by the unprecedented musical component, which emphasizes the pathos by giving rhythm to the composition.

Magnetti Building Fuorisalone Milano Opera Building

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Magnetti Building

Fuorisalone Milano

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