Polaroid Eyewear – Colors are life!

Perspective 3D Experience

  • Cliente: Safilo - Polaroid Eyewear
  • Evento: Mido 2024
  • Tecnologia: 3D Perspective Video
  • Location: Fiera Rho - Milano

Our return to MIDO 2024 couldn’t have been more fun and eventful!

Thanks to the close collaboration with the Polaroid Eyewear team, we went in search of the true soul of the brand to give life to a real riot of colours.

A 3D perspective project with high scenic impact in which rhythm, color and brand identity guided us through an unprecedented production.

Mido is one of the most important fairs in the world dedicated to the eyewear sector and it was essential to be able to present the strength and dynamism of Polaroid Eyewear in a new and genuine way, aimed at the new generations.

It was not just a matter of presenting immersive and fascinating content, but of transporting visitors into the values of the Polaroid world, with all their energy and vitality.

Representing the essence of a brand is always an incredible and difficult challenge, it not only means transforming values into images, but you must be able to translate concrete concepts into pure emotion.

As always, technique and creativity are at the service of a higher value, which is emotional involvement.

Thanks to the entire work team who saw us busy for more than 2 months on the project and once again a big thank you to the Polaroid Eyewear team!


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– Giulia Lazzaretto (Creative Designer)

– Alberto Gentilin and Davide Briganti (Project Leaders)

– Rudy Bertazzo (Digital Artist)

– Edoardo Piccolo (Musics & SFX)



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