Tissot Take Florence – Fooh Experience

CGI FOOH Experience

  • Cliente: Tissot Italia
  • Evento: New Florence Boutique
  • Tecnologia: 3D CGI Video
  • Location: Firenze

Tissot Take Florence


We are very proud of our latest FOOH project for Tissot Italia which celebrates the arrival of the famous Swiss watch brand (part of the Swatch group) in the beautiful city of Florence.

The opening of the new Tissot Boutique in the Tuscan capital was an opportunity to celebrate Italian beauty, synonymous of excellence and culture throughout the world, together with the arrival in the city of the first single-brand store.

The use of the CGI FOOH technique allowed us to range creatively in an iconic and new way, creating a welcome video with a strong communicative impact, but at the same time refined and emotionally engaging.

Thanks to the whole team!

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– Giulia Lazzaretto (Creative Designer)

– Alberto Gentilin and Davide Briganti (Project Leaders)

– Rudy Bertazzo (Digital Artist)

-Andrea Munegato (Digital Artist)

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