Umana Video Mapping Experience

Percorsi per il tempo nuovo

  • Cliente: UMANA SpA
  • Evento: Percorsi per il tempo nuovo
  • Tecnologia: Videomapping
  • Location: Scuola Grande della Misericordia - Venice

In our latest video mapping for UMANA S.p.A. we created an immersive welcome experience for more than 700 guests in the spectacular location of the Scuola Grande della Misericordia in Venice.

An immersive journey through the architecture and frescoes of the location that welcomed entrepreneurs and prestigious guests, giving way to insights on key issues for the future of the world of work.

The event ended with the extraordinary participation of Alessandro Baricco.

Umana Immersive Mapping Experience

Umana Immersive Mapping Experience

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Special thanks to all the crew!

Alberto Gentilin (project leader)

Giulia Lazzaretto (creative designer)

Davide Briganti (accountant)

Alberto Baroni (digital artist)

Edoardo Piccolo (music and sfx)

Davide Gianerse (digital artist)

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