The excellence of our wine heritage in an immersive experience at 360°

  • Cliente: Cantine Ferrari Trento
  • Evento: La Vendemmia Altagamma
  • Tecnologia: Proiezione Immersiva a 360°
  • Location: Piazza Gae Aulenti - Milano

The Vendemmia Altagamma project was realized in order to illustrate the grape harvest of the most famous Italian wineries in the world.
Selected by the most important wine companies in our country, in order to give life to this exciting and fascinating story at 360° we were presented with the great opportunity and unforgettable experience of discovering our extraordinary oenological heritage.

Through 360° aerial panoramic shootings throughout the Italian peninsula, we had retraced the most important moments of this incredible tradition, illustrating the magic that is repeated every single year on our beloved territory.
Surrounded by the charm of our lands, we will make you live out a unique and immersive experience, guiding you on a spectacular adventure that will give you the opportunity to discover the roots, customs, traditions and culture of Italian wine excellence

Special thanks goes out to all the wineries involved and to all the operators on the field that allowed us to carry out this tribute to one of the most recognized and celebrated Italian traditions in the world:

Cantine Ferrari – Bellavista – Ca’ del Bosco – Luce della Vite – Ornellaia – Segnano – Masi Agricola – Mastrojanni – Feudi di San Gregorio – Allegrini – Felluga – Acque San Pellegrino

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