Thanks to Virtual Reality and North Sails everyone can now take a swim with sharks

  • Cliente: North Sails
  • Evento: Win and dive with sharks in Hawaii - Event On tour
  • Tecnologia: Virtual Reality

For the “Win a trip to Hawaii to dive with sharks!” campaign of North Sails, we have created a Virtual Reality experience with a massive emotional impact.
Shark Diving in VR that is capable of taking fans of the famous brand of sails making to discover the wonders of the deep sea.

NorthSails-SharkDiving in VR-Contest

The experience is part of a campaign to raise awareness of the protection of our oceans and to dignify sharks in a particular manner.
For the lucky winners of the campaign contest, there is a trip for two to Honolulu (Hawaii) up for grabs where they will experience an unforgettable adventure.
A scuba dive with sharks together with the popular diving instructor Ocean Ramsey, celebrity spokesperson of the project.

NorthSails-Shark Diving in VR-DrawLight

North Sails wants to “reward” all its participants with a VR experience tour that you can try out in selected stores.
An experience that is not only entertaining but above all to shout out an important message on environmental protection.

Virtual Reality has a truly compassionate potential.
It will allow you to create an “emotional relationship” between the user who lives out the experience and the virtual situation he is immersed in.

NorthSails-Shark Diving in VR-DrawLight-Detail

When we produced Shark Diving in VR, our team concentrated on creating a magical alchemy between the audience and sharks.
This aspect has been supported by a study of the behavior, biology, and habits of these extraordinary mammals.

Whether it’s real or virtual, there’s no doubt, swimming with sharks is a truly extraordinary and exciting experience. It will strike our hearts and, why not, motivate us to protect our planet and the species that live on it…

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