Virtual reality revolutionizes the real estate sector

  • Cliente: Al Bandary Real Estate
  • Evento: Cityscapes Qatar 2017
  • Tecnologia: Virtual Reality
  • Location: Doha exhibition & convention center - Doha

Virtual reality is a technology used to simulate and recreate reality. Through the use of dedicated hardware, a visitor is transported to three-dimensional virtual environments.

For Al Bandary Real Estate (leading real estate company in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates) we developed an application in Virtual Reality that was officially released and presented during Cityscape Qatar 2017.

At the same time, inside the Teca (, the innovative display with a technological soul (design and patented by the DrawLight’s spin-off Senso) celebrated the Al Bandary brand through dynamic and abstract audiovisual content.

The application emerges from the necessity of Al Bandary Real Estate to allow its visitors of the event to (virtually) visit and explore the interior and exterior areas of the two linked towers Lusail Azure currently under construction and several apartments of the Al Thuraya Tower for sale.

Developed by our team’s R&D division dedicated to Virtual Reality, the application recreates three-dimensional environments, thanks to the use of 3D graphics, and allows the interaction with virtual environments thanks to special dedicated software and the use of HTC Vive for the enjoyment of the experience.
An experience that involves users at the visual, sound and kinetic level by allowing them to be literally carried away and immersed in the new building structures built by Al Bandary Real Estate.

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