Movement and creativity blend together into a virtual reality.

  • Cliente: Lato C - Merck
  • Evento: XLVII Congresso Società italiana di Neurologia
  • Tecnologia: Realtà Virtuale
  • Location: Polo Congressuale Lido - Venezia

In collaboration with Lato C, we had realized a virtual reality experience that was designed to be part of the Merck stand at the XLVII Italian Society Congress of Neurology.
Polo Congressuale of Lido, where the congress was held, hosted the best Italian and international neurologists for four days of full immersion.

Lato C had entrusted us to create an original and innovative stand in which technology and cognitive dimension blended together in an experience of discovering the performance and characteristics of a new and important drug dedicated to the nervous system.
For this project we chose HTC Vive technology, which not only allows one to see a virtual world through a viewer, it transforms the surrounding into a 3D space where one can freely move and experience a particularly immersive experience.

Experience that allows anyone, with the help of the Tilt Brush application developed by Google, to express their own creativity in movement by linking to the main theme of the meeting.

The many visitors who had experienced it became quite enthusiastic!

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