Wow mapping to celebrate the first Italian Science Gallery

  • Cliente: Fondazione Università Ca’ Foscari
  • Evento: Science Gallery Venice - Opening Party
  • Tecnologia: Monumental Video Mapping
  • Location: Arterminal San Basilio - Venice

Science Gallery arrives in Italy and the first venue will be at Venice in the San Basilio area. Promoted by the Ca ‘Foscari Venezia University, the project will allow the lagoon city to enter an international circuit of galleries (Dublin, London, Bangalore, and Melbourne) where science and technology will interact with art and design, inspiring new ways of thinking and generating innovation.

And to celebrate in grand style the presentation of the new venue of the future Science Gallery Venice, the Ca ‘Foscari University has commissioned us to design and produce a monumental video mapping with a strong scenic impact capable of illustrating the deep and fruitful connection between art and science, the central nucleus of philosophy that drives the International Science Gallery Network.

A philosophy of thought from the Science Gallery, which seeks to highlight an extraordinary bond that over the centuries has created some of the most genial scientific inventions and artistic intuitions.

To translate this fruitful association into images was the true challenge.

Immersive storytelling is the key tool.

We chose some of the most genial scientific inventions and artistic intuitions that have been creating successes over the centuries and we gave them a visual identity and spectacular nuance.

From the birth of life to the first forms of writing, from the discovery of the perspective to the digital age, the milestones in our evolution come alive in an immersive storytelling that is all waiting to be discovered…

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