A show that blends the highest expression of immersive technologies with the highest expression of the world of Zeiss

  • Cliente: Film:Can & Zeiss
  • Evento: Zeiss Future
  • Tecnologia: Video Mapping & Immersive Show
  • Location: Funkhause – Berlin

Breathtaking Immersive Show for the biggest Zeiss event of the year: Zeiss Future.
A moment dedicated to the presentation of the most innovative technologies and solutions of the historic German company.
A world leader in the field of optics.

Immersive Show-Zeiss-Welcome-DrawLight

Four days of full immersion of illustrating to guests from all over the world the technological development of Zeiss.
All this through an awe-inspiring and spectacular welcome videomapping which projects the visitors into the universe of Zeiss Future.

Immersive Show-Zeiss-total-DrawLight

At the historic location of the Funkhause in Berlin, one of the best recording studios in the world thanks to its acoustics, we created an Immersive Show with Can:Film, capable of accompanying the spectators on a journey that starts with the analog and finishes with the digital.

Immersive Show-Zeiss-Conference-DrawLight

A conceptual storytelling rendered metaphorically by a historic organ on which the innovation of our videomapping comes to life.

Immersive Show-Zeiss-videomapping-DrawLight

A mapped projection synchronized to the notes of an unpublished music, composed by our Sound Designer for the occasion and played live by an orchestra.

Immersive Show-Zeiss-music-DrawLight

To liven the show a carefully planned out study of light design with spectacular LED choreography and performers.

Immersive Show-Zeiss-Performer-DrawLight

A mix of immersive solutions creating a thrilling, emotional welcome show for the most important international meeting by ZEISS.

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