Immersive Storytelling of the new revolutionary lens by Zeiss

  • Cliente: Can:film - Zeiss - Mercedes
  • Evento: Zeiss Drive Safe Unveiling
  • Tecnologia: Car Mapping
  • Location: Aeroporto Tempelhof – Berlin

Teaming up with Can:Film, we created an exclusive video mapping projection designed for the unveiling of the revolutionary Zeiss prototype!
The famous German company had launched a completely new lens capable of providing perfect vision even in the worst weather conditions.

To illustrate the potentiality and characteristics of the new Zeiss Better Vision lens for the DriveSafe line, we worked with Mercedes to create a storytelling car mapping projection on the all new GT AMG model, destined to be introduced at numerous press conferences. During the 15 days of the launch, the event hosted over 2000 journalists, experts, and bloggers from all over the world.

A special thanks goes out to the German Team who assisted us in elaborating the concept and developing the final installation.

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