When italian's history revive thanks to a video mapping

  • Clients: Cassa Centrale Banca
  • Event: Turin Meeting 2013
  • Technology: Monumental Video Mapping
  • Location: Reggia di Diana, Venaria Reale - Turin

Torino Meeting 2013: we realized a video mapping spectacle dedicated to the amazing Reggia di Diana for the big finale.

A special night with more than 700 guests present to experience a revival of the main historical occurrences that included the Venaria Reale and our country over the centuries. (UNESCO’s World Heritage).

Actors in historical outfits and a water show accompanied the mapping performance, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for the spectators.

A monumental projection mapping is a perfect background when offering an immersive experience that involves large structures, such as this historical building.

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* White rabbits included
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