Magica Notte Carrarese: a grand video mapping in the heart of Padua

  • Cliente: Comune di Padova
  • Evento: Magica Notte Carrarese
  • Tecnologia: Monumental Video Mapping
  • Location: Piazza dei Signori - Padua

The Palazzo del Capitaniato of Padua had kindly granted us its centenary walls for 11 intense minutes of 3D video mapping: one of the first public monumental projections performed in Italy.

A unique event for the city and the squares of Padua and a new experience for us because this is the city where we performed our first monumental video mapping ever.

With the collaboration of famous historians specializing in the history of architecture and the history of the city of Padua, we had recreated in 3D the Carrara period of the famous “clock” building, explaining, or better, illustrating its history in a concert of images, music, and technology.

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