Padova Space Night: an immersive show that transforms a gala dinner into a cruise in outer space

  • Cliente: Promex
  • Evento: Padova Space Night
  • Tecnologia: Video Mapping
  • Location: Padova Fiere - Padova

Padova Space Week is one of the biggest events dedicated to outer space. For an entire week, Padova will be transformed into the gravitational center of the space-themed debate and campaign.
The heart of this series of events dedicated to the celebration of Paduan and Venetian excellence and their contribution to aerospace research: the Padova Space Night.Padova Space Night-DrawLight-coverA gala evening with a stellar dinner and a breathtaking immersive show, strongly desired by Promex (Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Padova) that oversaw the event.

Alongside the promoters of the ambitious project are the University of Padua, the patronage of the Italian Space Agency and ESA – European Space Agency.Padova Space Night-DrawLight-TotalA moment for the appraisal and development of research and the territory, Padova Space Night hosted Franco Malerba, the first Italian astronaut to go in space. At his side 30 international delegates, the exceptional presenter Moreno Morello and over 400 invited guests at the gala dinner.Padova Space Night-DrawLight-MalerbaA gala dinner that our team had transformed into a space cruise, thanks to an immersive show with a spectacularly high impact.Padova Space Night-DrawLight-EventA journey to discover the universe recreated thanks to a multi-projection on three sides and the audiovisual content that blend in NASA video with space-themed motion graphics. Audiovisual content that conceals a big surprise: Paolo Nespoli’s video message from the International Space Station.Padova Space Night-DrawLight-Nespoli

A special thanks goes out to the entire Promex team who, with great professionalism and enthusiasm, gave life to a fantastic event that we collaborated on with extreme pleasure.
An event (Padova Space Night) and a series of high-level events (Padua Space Week) that have managed to transmit to all the participants the mysterious charm of the universe and the thrills and emotions of a journey into space!



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