The world's first 360° sculpture video mapping

  • Cliente: Rabarama
  • Tecnologia: 360° Video Mapping

Through the use of innovative 3D mapping techniques, 360° projections and 3D graphics, we had given new life to the famous “Bozzolo” sculpture by the illustrious Padua artist Rabarama.
The video content, completely recreated in 3D and perfectly projected on the sculpture, retraces the conceptual inspiration of the artist, climaxing with a finale of virtuoso effects especially created for the installation.

The sculpture is made of aluminum that is completely lacquered white, although the impression is it takes on many different identities. The realistic effect was guaranteed by the perfect synchronization of projections with the geometry of the sculpture and by high-quality content. In the eyes of the visitors, it all appears simply real and so instantaneous and well realized that the projection technology seems invisible.

A 360° projection mapping that gives tremendous results. It doesn’t even seem like there is a projection. The object changes skin.
The material seems to change shape and the perception that there is a projection disappears!

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