Bormioli launches the top of the range with innovative interactive tables

  • Cliente: Facci & Pollini - Bormioli
  • Evento: Ambiente Messe
  • Tecnologia: Interactive multitouch tables & video mapping
  • Location: Frankfurter Messe – Frankfurt am Main

Three interactive tables with dedicated audio, SFX and video content for the famous Italian brand Bormioli, in collaboration with the communication agency Facci&Pollini.

Three conceptual interactive tables for three new series, along with a mapping projection on one side of the room, completely transforming it into an interactive and multi-sensorial place, where marketing, sales clients, and curious people were all entertaining themselves while experiencing the awareness of the brand via new technology and innovative communication.

Interactivity can play a key role on what we call “immersive retail”. From touchless interactive tables to interactive walls and projection mapping on products which can illustrate an entirely new collection in front of a retail window.

We strongly believe this is the future: immersive retail, along with a perfect blend of entertainment, information and smart technology such as this, is what will completely change our way of shopping.
There is just no limit and we’re not talking about the future…everything is already here! Actually.

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