Teca's immersive exhibitor by Senso presents the technological innovations of Safilo

  • Cliente: Safilo Group
  • Evento: MIDO
  • Tecnologia: Teca - Immersive Display
  • Location: Fiera Milano - Rho

MIDO 2017, one of the most celebrated eyewear fairs in the world that took place in Milan from February 25-27, was chosen by the SAFILO Group for the launch of the “Safilo Global Partner Network” and the presentation of important solutions for the company and for the eyewear industry.

In order to describe the company and its extraordinary innovation we had created the Safilo Immersive Room, a space designed to take spectators and immerse them in the innovation of the historical brand.

While the history and values of the group were illustrated in a visual storytelling on the walls of the Immersive Room, the innovative patent realized by Safilo was presented within Teca (an innovative technology exhibitor patented by our Senso spin-off: www.tecaimmersive.com).

A new concept of auctions that is described and illustrated in all its characteristics. After the success it achieved at MIDO, Safilo decided to purchase a Teca and have it permanently installed at its headquarters.

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