Quando uno stand diventa un’esperienza di brand rivoluzionaria

  • Cliente: Blauer USA
  • Evento: Pitti Immagine Uomo 2017
  • Tecnologia: Proiezione Immersiva a 360°
  • Location: Firenze

Blauer USA (a luxury brand created in the United States in 1936 with the mission to “dress up” the American police forces) turned to us and asked to come up with an innovative and original concept for their usual date with Moda Uomo of Pitti.
Enthusiastic and motivated by the challenge brought to us from Blauer USA we created a solution that will break the mold, immersing visitors in a highly innovative and immersive brand storytelling experience: the Blauer Cube Experience.

The traditional concept of the stand had been completely redesigned and integrated with a 3x3x3 meter Immersive Cube in which content and filming at 360° created by our team were projected directly to New York.

In a hypnotic sequence of the glimpses of New York, geometric animations and original visual effects; the history, quality of materials and lifestyle of Blauer USA designs came to life on the walls of our cinematographic immersive cube.

The journey to discover the places, roots and elements that have inspired Blauer USA has begun…

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