Interactive video mapping for the launch of the new MINI during the Fuori Salone 2014

  • Cliente: Ground Controll - Mini BMW
  • Evento: Fuori Salone 2014
  • Tecnologia: Interactive Video Mapping
  • Location: Mini Hub - Milan

We have created an interactive video mapping projection for the launch of the new MINI at the exhilarating MINI HUB location set up at the warehouses of Porta Genoa for the annual Fuorisalone car show.

An interactive mapping for the unique presentation of the pluses and options of the new MINI, including captivating graphics on a fluorescent floor. An eccentric path on the ground joined with mapped walls, created for accompanying the spectators through all the features of the new car.

The system projects on the walls the pluses of the innovative central ring. The spectator positions himself on the fluorescent floor, activating an interaction that illuminates it. At the same time, the system projects information related to the symbol the spectator has positioned himself on…and that’s when he lives out a playful and immersive interactive experience and…even a little magic.

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