Immersive cube experience & 3D mapping to tell the Innovation of Caleffi

  • Cliente: Caleffi Hydronic Solutions
  • Evento: MCE - 2016
  • Tecnologia: 360° Immersive Cube & 3D video mapping
  • Location: Fiera Milano – Milan

On the occasion of the 40th edition of MCE, we created the RED CUBE for Caleffi S.p.A., an immersive space that is one of its kind, able to transport customers and visitors directly into the research and development department of one of the leading Italian companies in the worldwide hydronic solution industry.

However, there is more! Inside RED CUBE we wanted to create an emotional journey that would describe the history and values of the company, bringing Caleffi’s message to a new artistic level, thanks to an original and immersive multimedia installation that combined a 360° perimeter projection with a 3D mapping created directly on the flagship product presented in the fair.

Enjoy the show!

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