Monalita and Teca present the new Tempo Box

  • Cliente: Tempo - SCA Hygiene Products SPA
  • Evento: Party for the launch of the new Tempo Box
  • Tecnologia: 360° Immersive Video Mapping on Sculpture & Teca
  • Location: Cristalleria Livellara – Milan

For the presentation of the new Tempo Box, we collaborated with the Tempo team to make the launch party unforgettable with special guest Skin, singer of the British band Skunk Anansie.

In the charming Milanese corner of the renewed Cristalleria Livellara, we realized a 360° projection on the different faces of our Monalita (a three-dimensional sculpture designed and created by our team), illustrating the values, people and features behind the success of the brand and new Tempo box.

In addition, thanks to Teca the patented innovative technological exhibitor from our spin-off Senso, with a dynamic video projection system that allows objects to change skin and finish and illustrate itself live) we presented the exhibitor of the future at GDO.


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