Launch of the new Talking Charms with a visual show that invites you to step out of the box

  • Cliente: Fasten Seat Belt – Dodo Jewels
  • Evento: Be your Self or not – Party Dodo
  • Tecnologia: Video Mapping - Live VJ Show
  • Location: Vetra Theatre - Milano

Be Yourself, OR NOT.
The new Dodo Jewels campaign dedicated to the Talking Charms DodoTags is an invitation to step out of the box. Be different while being yourself.
The challenge launched by the popular jewelry brand of the Pomellato group was clear-cut and that is why we took on this challenge by developing  a live VJ mapping that was created in collaboration with Fasten Seat Belt for the Party Dodo.

VJ Mapping-Dodo Party-Total
With the soundtrack written by 2manydjs (one of the most famous musical duos in the world), a visual transposition of the conflict between the being and non-being came to life. A conceptual video mapping that exploded on the architecture of the Vetra Theater in a game of colorful, volumetric and graphic opposites.

White and black. Lights and shadows. Day and night. Fluids and solids. Opposites that clash, contrasts that blend in an experience with a powerful scenic and emotional impact.

The geometric surfaces, which characterize the architecture of this exceptional location in the heart of Milan.
We have transformed into an immersive storytelling that visually evokes the contrasting sides of our personalities and at the same time showers the atmosphere with a rip-roaring energy, making the Dodo Experience even more immersive and dynamic.

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