MILANO XL: a celebration of Italian creativity

Open-air Immersive Storytelling and a tribute to the excellence of Made In Italy “know how”

  • Cliente: Fondazione Altagamma & MIDO
  • Evento: Milano XL: Milano Excellence Week
  • Tecnologia: Monumental Video Mapping
  • Location: Via Montenapoleone; Piazza San Carlo - Milano

“Milano XL, the festival of Italian creativity” is an innovative and captivating project, a tribute to the excellence of “know how”, that animated the streets of downtown Milan, in concurrence with Fashion Week.

An event within the Milano XL event, under the creative direction of Davide Rampello, that transformed the Lombard city into an open-air storytelling of Arts and Crafts that illustrates just how unique our Made in Italy is in the world.

Six spectacular installations, designed and realized by realities and artists of great prestige, that gave birth to a tour of the rediscovery of our millennial tradition of pure craftsmanship excellence. Two of these were assigned to us by the Creative Director Davide Rampello:

“After the incredibly beautiful work experience we had together for Panorama 360, created for EXPO 2015, I decided to work with the DrawLight team again for the first edition of Milano XL, a project that aims to enhance the sometimes mysterious art and talent behind the scenes of the fashion world.”


Two installations full of technical and creative challenges that we had overcome thanks to the synergy between the different skills and expertise that make up our team:

1. From the workshop to the shop window: the cinema of arts and craft(in Via Montenapoleone).

The famous Via Montenapoleone, the nerve center of Milan fashion, has become for the first time the scenic design for an innovative show.

During the ten days of Milano XL, the buildings of the prestigious boutiques all along the avenue had turned into white canvases which brought to life the stories of the Arts and Crafts that have made and still make history of Italian excellence: from weaving to yarn spinning, from tanning to tailoring, from masters of axes to goldsmiths, from the art of vineyards to the art of distillation, from printing to cabinet work.

Full of technical and creative challenges Dalla Bottega alla Vetrina, the Cinema of Arts and Crafts has allowed us to be confronted with a complex location like Via Montenapoleone, the nerve center of Milan fashion, and the project design of nine different video mappings that gave birth to a wonderful journey through the works of art that have celebrated our Italian excellence over the centuries, making them look magnificent in the eyes of the world.

2. Dressing the face (in Piazza San Carlo).

Every day during the event, the famous square, just a short distance from the Duomo, paid tribute to the very best of eyewear production in Italy and around the world. Three video projections that brought the viewer along in a discovery experience that began with a video editing (handled by Gianpiero Brunetta) of the most representative scenes of the history of international cinema where eyewear was the star attraction, playing the roles of the most famous cinema stars of yesterday and today.

A second video projection presented the viewer with a story of the most memorable advertising campaigns dedicated to the world of eyewear history: 5000 images collected by MIDO exhibitors to illustrate the history of the evolution of the communication linked to eyewear and contact lenses.

Finally, the show ended with a proper film focused on the story of the role of eyewear in contemporaneity and how this product has become part of the category of fashion accessories that define the style and identity of every person.

It was an impressive project that we are happy to have been a part of: over 3,000 square meters of landscaped scenery and approximately 3,000 square meters covered by projections; 130 tons of structural materials; 100 artisans; 150 technicians.
It was a great opportunity for which we would like to thank the partner and promoter of the event, Fondazione Altagamma, and the artistic director of Milano XL Davide Rampello.

It was an important opportunity that has allowed us to make new connections by realizing a collaborative and creative network with a capital “C”.


Davide RampelloCreative Director
Alessandro Linzitto: Composer & Music Supervisor

Pizza San Carlo:

Studio Wöa: Modeling and 3D Animation
Tin BobVideo shooting and editing of Dressing the Face
Gian Piero Brunetta: video editing The Glass in the Cinema

Via Montenapoleone:

Simone Gottardo: Motion graphic
Paolo Voto: Illustrations


Milano XL
16-26 September 2017


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